English Colors Vocabulary

Basic English Colors

This English colors video below shows you the basic colors.

To talk about shades of color, we can say "light," "dark" and "bright."  For example, we can talk about blue, light blue, dark blue and bright blue.  The colors just mentioned have specific names: blue, powder blue , navy blue and turquoise.

However, it is easier for beginners to just use "light," "dark," or bright to describe the shades of the colors. 

English Colors Video

Click the player below to hear the names of the words of the colors in the picture shown above.

More Colors

Here are some more colors in the English language. What color would you paint the rooms in your house? Leave a comment below to tell us your favorite colors.



light gray


dark gray

light brown (coffee)



dark green

light purple

light green



light blue

light pink



What are some of your favorite colors? Leave a comment below to practice your English.

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