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Motivation and practice are essential ingredients for language learning success. You’ve got to use your English regularly to improve it. And by “using” it, I mean producing your own English (e.g., by speaking and writing) and not just processing (e.g., listening and reading) someone else’s English.

Unfortunately, many of us language learners are passive learners because we’re really afraid of making mistakes, being misunderstood or are embarrassed about our accents. To increase your motivation to speak and write, I offer an incentive in the form of a challenge (a contest).

Everyone who enters gets a chance to practice and improve their English. But if you’re entry is judged as the best, you will win a fabulous prize (e.g., iPods, online courses, cash).

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Learn English free online challenge:
"Looks aren't everything contest"

  Sorry this contest ended on January 13, 2017.  

The next contest which will be announced in February 2017.

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Winner chooses either prize:

iPod Shuffle 

(Note: iPod Shuffle is engraved with “learn-english-have-fun.com” as shown in photo below. Color may be different from examples shown). 

US$50 Cash

Contest Deadline:

Contest begins at 12:00 A.M. PT, on the 10th Saturday December 2016.

All entries must be received by 11:59 P.M. PT, on Friday, 13th January 2017.

You may enter the contest only once. Click here for the official rules.

Essay Contest:

How important are looks in your society? Cameron Russell, a successful American fashion model, spoke about this topic and explained why her looks aren't what you might imagine. She talks about how powerful image can be but also why image isn't everything.

I created a lesson using her TED Talk and many visitors to my site have watched the video and left comments. I've decided this would be a great contest topic.

For this contest, you must watch the video below and write an essay about what this topic means to YOU. Here are some questions to think about as you write your essay:

  • Do you agree that looks are superficial but powerful?
  • Do you think the photos of models in magazines are harmful to regular women and girls?
  • What about men and boys? Do they have similar problems?
  • If models are so beautiful, why are they so insecure about their physical looks?
  • Do you benefit from your looks in your own society?
  • Do your looks cause you difficulties?

It may be helpful for you to watch the video with subtitles and/or read the transcript [click the link to learn how to do so].

Be sure your entry is written in "essay format" with paragraphs and proper punctuation (a numbered list of answers will not be accepted). This is an opportunity to practice your writing after all! The most important thing is that you write about what this topic means to YOU. Good luck!

How to Make Sure Your Entry is Approved?

  1. Your essay must include answers to at least two or three of the questions above.
  2. Your essay must be original (not copied).
  3. Your essay must  be written in paragraph format and 200-500 words in length.
  4. You may submit only one (1) entry.
  5. All entries must be received by 11:59 P.M. PT, on Friday, 13th January 2017

Entries that do not meet these criteria will not be considered. Click here for the official contest rules (terms and conditions).

*This contest is not sponsored or endorsed by Apple Inc., TED Talks or Cameron Russell.

  Sorry this contest ended on January 13, 2017.  

The next contest which will be announced in February 2017.

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Previous contest winners are announced here.

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