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Idiom: a hot potato

Are you frustrated or bored learning English as a second (or third? or fourth!) language? If so, welcome to this website. I sincerely hope to make the process easier and more enjoyable for you.

One of the keys to learning a new skill is practice, practice, practice. That's why this site offers free mini-lessons to help you develop your skills. My goal is to give you a chance to experience the language in real situations.

The advantage of this approach is that:

  • you'll improve your listening comprehension by hearing the language as it's actually spoken in regular every day conversations;
  • you can expand your vocabulary almost effortlessly by experiencing words and collocations (common word combinations) in readings, songs and video clips;
  • it can help you develop better pronunciation by listening to native speakers;
  • you'll get brief grammar explanations;
  • and you'll even have a chance to practice writing and speaking by leaving comments on the blog and participating in the monthly challenges.

Just practicing a little bit every day will lead to a lot of improvement! 

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