Idiom:  above all (else)


above all (else): 

  • the most important thing
  • most importantly
  • in particular

Example sentences

  • He loves to drink milk above all else, even more than juice or soda.
  • Above all, remember to bring your medicine, you can buy anything else you forget while you're on the trip.
  • My mission in life is to be kind and truthful above all else.
  • Each opponent has strengths and weaknesses but I focus on my own game above all.
  • Above all else, get to sleep early tonight so you'll be rested for the race tomorrow. 
  • I really liked this painting above all, even though the colors are darker.
  • Above all, get there by 7 a.m. or you won't get a seat on the bus.
  • Focus on this chapter above all else and you'll do fine on the test.
  • Above all, I really liked his sales experience but his language skills are great too.


  • most of all
  • first and foremost

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