Idiom:  above the law


above the law:  

  • not having to obey the law or rules
  • not required to follow rules or standards


This idiom is often used to describe people in high-level positions who wrongly believe they should not have to obey rules or laws because they think they are too important or too powerful.

Example sentences

  • Our manager thinks he’s above the law,coming in late every morning but yelling at us if we’re even five minutes late.
  • Don't you love how police officers drive super fast when there's no emergency? It's as if they are above the law!
  • Do you think you're above the law just because you're a company president?
  • My daughter's teacher was arrested for shoplifting. I feel sorry for her but no one is above the law.
  • Unfortunately, many public officials think they are above the law.
  • There is a constitutional crisis in our country right now. Soon we will have to decide whether or not the president can be above the law while in office.
  • Just because it's 11:00 at night doesn't mean you're above the law and can drive through red traffic lights.
  • Many celebrities think they're above the law just because they're famous.
  • Our management team is not above the law—they need to record their hours worked and adhere to company rules just like everyone else.
  • Just because your father is a judge doesn't mean that you are above the law.
  • Unfortunately, many foreign diplomats who commit crimes are indeed above the law and cannot be prosecuted.

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