Idiom:  Down in the dumps

Down in the dumps (idiom)

Can you guess the meaning of the idiom 'down in the dumps' by looking at the picture?

Down in the dumps:   sad, unhappy, discouraged and/or depressed.


A dump is a large space of land where trash or garbage is disposed. If you were in a dump you probably wouldn't be very happy. Therefore, this idiom describes a person's sad, depressed and discouraged feelings.


  • I've been down in the dumps  since my cat died.
  • Every winter I feel down in the dumps  when it gets dark really early in the evening.
  • She's been down in the dumps  since her parents announced they are getting divorced.
  • My diet was going so well until the holidays started. I feel so down in the dumps  because I've already gained back ten of the pounds that I'd lost.
  • When I lived in Geneva I felt down in the dumps  a lot because it was often cloudy and rainy.
  • Everyone felt down in the dumps  after the long and bitter presidential election.
  • After moving here I was really feeling down in the dumps  until I met a few new friends at my gym.
  • I bought my mother a big bouquet of flowers because I could see she was down in the dumps  about something.
  • My sister was down in the dumps  for three months after her boyfriend was deployed to Iraq.
  • We flew across the country for sunny weather but it's been raining the entire holiday and we all feel so down in the dumps  we just want to go home.
  • "Why are you down in the dumps?"  "I failed my chemistry exam and my parents are going to kill me!"

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