Idiom:  A heart of gold


A heart of gold:  A person who is kind, caring and generous.


Gold is considered to be a precious and valuable material so a heart made of gold would similarly represent positive qualities like kindness, goodness, generosity, etc.


  • My mother has a heart of gold—she always babysits my kids whenever I need her help.      
  • Be careful when you interact with the receptionist. She's mean and crazy but the director's secretary has a heart of gold  and will help you and answer any questions you have.
  • Most grandmothers have a heart of gold  but mine is mean, jealous and petty.      
  • Thank you so much for shoveling the snow off my sidewalk everyday—you've got a heart of gold!  
  • The president of the company may seem unfriendly but believe me, he has a heart of gold.
  • Our nanny has a heart of gold!  She always looks for ways to help our kids learn new things and be active.
  • That teacher has a heart of gold.  Her class is so well-behaved because she creates such a positive and friendly atmosphere in her class.
  • Don't worry—my parents have hearts of gold  and will love you just the way you are.
  • My son's girlfriend has a heart of gold  but I'm afraid he'll lose her if he keeps treating her so poorly.
  • You'd think all priests would have to have a heart of gold  but ours is cold and unfriendly.
  • My son has a heart of gold  and does everything he can to help us out around the house but my daughter is really selfish and unhelpful. I don't know what to do with her!

  • Our director has a heart of gold—she is friendly to everyone and so considerate.
  • That doctor has a heart of gold—he listens to his patients and always calls us later to make sure we are feeling better. 
  • Your sister has a heart of gold.  She was so kind to us at our wedding and let us stay at her house all weekend.

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