Idiom:  a change of pace


Idiom:  a change of pace

  • to do something different than before

Example sentences

  • Why don’t we go to a museum for a change of pace?
  • I decided to bring my lunch today for a change of pace.
  • We moved from New York City to San Diego for a change of pace.
  • Let's invite friends over for a change of pace instead of going out.
  • Going to water aerobics has been a nice a change of pace from spinning class.
  • This year we're going to the mountains for a change of pace from the beach.
  • Eating meatless dishes for a week was a change of pace but it was a lot easier than I had expected before I did the challenge.
  • Why don't you trying being nice for a change of pace?
  • We went out for sushi fora change of pace.


  • a departure from the norm

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