Idiom:  a match made in heaven


Idiom:  a match made in heaven

  • a perfect couple
  • a perfect combination of things

Example sentences

  • Even though my grandparents are very different, they are still a match made in heaven.
  • I'm not sure that Sandy and Jeff are a match made in heaven—they fight constantly.
  • Nutella hazelnut spread and bananas are a match made in heaven!
  • It sounds disgusting but pancakes with hot sauce are a match made in heaven.

  • Pairing jeans with a white shirt and jacket are a match made in heaven.

  • Many people think cats and dogs don't get along but mine are a match made in heaven.

  • You and your girlfriend are a match made in heaven—I hope you get engaged soon.

  • My wife and I were a match made in heaven until we had kids and our parenting styles clashed.


  • a perfect match

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