Idiom:  against one’s better judgment


Idiom:  against one’s better judgment

  • making a decision despite having serious doubts or misgivings

Example sentences

  • A year ago, I decided to lend my friend $2,000 against my better judgment and now she hasn’t paid me back a penny and avoids me.
  • Taking this job was against my better judgement because it's so far from my home but I really need the money and the salary is good.
  • Against my better judgement, I let my 16 year old drive my Mercedes Coupe to the beach this weekend and now I'm a nervous wreck waiting for her to come home.
  • We decided to leave our dog with my mother this evening against my better judgement but so far, everything's been okay.
  • I made some investments against my better judgement but fortunately, it was just a small part of my retirement income.
  • Don't you think it might be against your better judgement to quit your job without having another one lined up?
  • Against our better judgment, we agreed to let my wife's brother move into our basement for a few months and after a year, he still living with us.
  • We hired someone without social media advertising experience against our better judgement and now, we've got to spend a lot of money training this person.
  • My wife went away for the weekend against her better judgement and now she's stuck in Boston because a blizzard has forced airport to close down for a few days.

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