Idiom:  air dirty laundry (in public)


idiom:  air one’s dirty laundry (in public) 

  • to talk about something publicly that should be kept private
  • to say very embarrassing things in front of other people

Example sentences

  • I hate going to family reunions because my uncle always airs his dirty laundry and we all feel embarrassed for my aunt.
  • Social media is so annoying sometimes—Is it really necessary for people to air their dirty laundry in public?
  • My sister is a very jealous person and takes every opportunity to air my dirty laundry in public.
  • You know you totally embarrassed me last night? It might make you feel good but everybody is so uncomfortable when you air our dirty laundry.
  • Here's what we learned when my boss aired her dirty laundry last night:  her husband spends too much money on fast food and often doesn't flush the toilet.
  • Some people really get satisfaction out of airing their dirty laundry in public.
  • Please don't invite Max and Shelly to dinner on Friday night. We're all mortified whenever they air their dirty laundry.
  • Last night at the basketball game a couple behind us kept arguing and airing their dirty laundry until they ended up on the "kiss cam' and kissed like they were happy couple.
  • I'm not going to the party unless you promise not to air any of our dirty laundry tonight.
  • My mother kicked my father really hard under the table when he started to air their dirty laundry at brunch.
  • It's so embarrassing when our boss airs her dirty laundry on the phone in the lunch room.
  • You look upset.  If you have something to say, please tell me now instead of airing our dirty laundry again at the dinner party.
  • The Smith's aired their dirty laundry at the baseball game again last night so that's the last time we're inviting them to join us.


  • air dirty linen (in public)
  • spill the beans

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