Idiom:  back out (of something)


Idiom:  back out (of something)

  • to not completely finish something one promised to do
  • withdraw from an agreement or statement

Example sentences

  • My friend and I were supposed to go on holiday together but she backed out at the last minute.
  • This time, make sure you get a lawyer to draft a good legal contract so you will be protected if the builder backs out of the project.
  • Sandra and I were supposed to go shopping but she backed out again.
  • Would you believe the accountant we hired just backed out of the job because he got a better offer?
  • President Trump has promised to back out of several trade agreements, which could have serious negative consequences for the US economy.
  • If you back out of vacationing with your girlfriend, she'll start having trouble trusting you.
  • I'm afraid my organization is going to have to back out of this campaign because we're uncomfortable with the direction it's taking.


  • pull back
  • cop out

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