Idiom:  bad mouth (someone)


Idiom:  bad mouth (someone)

  • to say bad or unkind things about someone

Example sentences

  • I heard you were bad mouthing me so if you have a problem tell me right now.
  • I really hate it when my uncle bad mouths my aunt when I stay with them—it makes me feel so uncomfortable. 
  • My mother said that if she catches me bad mouthing anyone again, online or offline, she'll take away my cell phone.
  • I'm in so much trouble. I think my boss overheard me bad mouthing him today in the lunchroom.
  • Is this an office or a junior high school? I can't believe how many people bad mouth each other here. It's so unprofessional.
  • I told my children I didn't want to hear them bad mouth anyone again.
  • My daughter is really upset because some of the girls at school were bad mouthing her just because she made the cheerleading team and they didn't.


  • put someone down

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