Idiom:  blow up in one's face


Idiom:  blow up in one's face

  • your plans fail completely, suddenly and cause more problems
  • have a plan unexpectedly go wrong

Example sentences

  • My plan to surprise my wife for our anniversary blew up in my face when she found the gift and thought I'd bought it for another woman.
  • Borrowing an office computer without asking the IT manager really blew up in my face when I was accused of stealing it.
  • Raising prices without warning really blew up in our face when 45% of our clients cancelled their service with us.
  • Saying I was in sick rather than using a day of holiday leave blew up in my face when I ran into the director at the airport.
  • Sneaking out of the house to visit my friend blew up in my face when my dad came to my room to talk to me about getting my own car. Now I'm grounded and won't be getting a car either.
  • Putting all his retirement money in stocks really blew up in my father's face during the Asian financial crisis.
  • My college roommate tried to log onto the registrar's computer to change a grade but the plan blew up in her face when she got caught and was expelled from school.

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