Idiom:  by all means


Idiom:  by all means

  • definitely, certainly
  • used to politely agree with someone or give permission

Example sentences

  • By all means, stop by to see us—we will be around all weekend.
  • By all means, take another slice of cake if you’d like. 
  • I told him by all means he could stay at our beach house in July when we're not there.
  • A:  "Could I have another beer, please?  B: "By all means. You don't need to ask."
  • A:  "May I ask a question?"  B:  "By all means."
  • A:  "Excuse me, sir. Would you mind taking our photo?  B:  "Yes, by all means."
  • A:  "It's pouring outside!"  B: "Here, take my umbrella." A: "Really? I can't do that." B: "By all means, take it. You're wearing a beautiful dress."
  • By all means, I'm going to drop by to see you this Saturday.


  • be my guest
  • you bet
  • help yourself

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