Idiom:  by no means


Idiom:  by no means / not by any means

  • not in any way
  • used to emphasize a negative statement

Example sentences

  • By no means am I going to my ex-boyfriend’s wedding—why did he invite me?
  • It will by no means be a difficult hike.  The road is flat and we will stop many times along the way to view the scenery.
  • Ugh! I was just being polite! By no means was I flirting with him.
  • By no means would we share your medical information with anyone. Don't worry.
  • I'm mortified. By no means did I intend to insult your mother!
  • By no means are you going to the movies tonight if you haven't finished your homework.
  • You really shouldn't hike alone in the rain forest by any means. It's too risky.
  • I told my daughter we wouldn't tolerate her teasing other kids at school by any means.
  • We're not having marital problems by any means! Who told you that?


  • on no account
  • not by any account

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