Idiom:  call off something


Idiom:  call off something (call something off)

  • to decide not to do a planned activity

Example sentences

  • It’s sad they called off the wedding after they mailed the invitations.
  • We'll have to call off the picnic if it doesn't stop raining by ten o'clock.
  • You need to call off the conference because not enough people have registered.
  • I had to call off my trip to Costa Rica next month because my boss is making me attend a meeting he can't go to.
  • If you're going to call off the lecture please let me know so I can cancel the catering in advance or we'll be charged.
  • We're going to call off the surprise party because my grandmother's health is delicate and we're worried it might be too much of a shock for her.
  • Sure, we'll call off the protest if you agree to purchase 100% recycled cups.  If not, be prepared for demonstrations across the country.


  • put an end to

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