Idiom:  day and night (night and day)


Idiom:  day and night (night and day)

  • all of the time
  • continually
  • nonstop

Example sentences

  • I haven’t slept all week because my neighbor’s new baby cries day and night.
  • Your girlfriend sends you text messages night and day—it would make me go crazy.
  • When I lived in New York City I heard sirens day and night, so moving to the country was a big difference.
  • Before we declared bankruptcy it was so stressful because bill collectors called us day and night.
  • My husband's a doctor so he's on call day and night.
  • If you want to be an accountant be prepared to work night and day during tax season.
  • Spring break in Miami was absolutely crazy. We partied night and day, day and night for an entire week.
  • My brother's dog used to bark day and night when he kept him in the backyard.
  • The phone rings day and night at my mother's home because she gives money to various charities, who sell her number to other charities.


  • round-the-clock

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