Idiom:  drop names


Idiom:  drop names / name drop

  • to mention one’s connection to someone famous or influential to try to make oneself also feel important

Example sentences

  • Her father is an accountant for several pop stars, so she always drops names but she’s never actually met any of these singers.
  • I don’t mean to drop names, but my uncle is Brad Pitt’s mother’s next-door neighbor so maybe he could help you get in contact with Angelina Jolie.
  • I work for Kim Kardashian so I name drop that connection almost every day.
  • I'd drop names if I could but I don't know anyone whose important.
  • Wait for it... Shelly always name drops because she got one selfie with Justin Bieber.
  • Sorry, but dropping names isn't going to get you into this club.
  • They're going to seat us next. I name dropped by brother who's a city council member.
  • Please don't drop names again at dinner—no one's impressed.
  • We were shocked when Sally named dropped her brother works for Beyonce.
  • Name dropping Snookie from Jersey Shore isn't going to get us anything.


  • attention seeking / be an attention-seeker
  • be a poser

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