Idiom:  eat crow


Idiom:  eat crow

  • to admit in front of other people that you were wrong about something

Example sentences

  • Jane had to eat crow when the actual results of the ad campaign were announced.
  • My mother ate crow at our graduation when they announced my "good for nothing" boyfriend was class valedictorian. 
  • Stop teasing me!  You’ll eat crow when I become famous.
  • My supervisor said my idea was stupid but ate crow the next day when the owner selected it for our ad campaign.
  • I told our investors that we would make our sales target this quarter, so please don’t make me eat crow.
  • The politician ate crow when his opponent showed a video where he had previously argued in favor of gun rights.
  • My manager thinks she knows everything so it’s always great to see her eat crow.


  • eat one's words
  • eat humble pie

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