Idiom:  eat one's words


Idiom:  eat one's words

  • to admit being wrong about something

Example sentences

  • I told everyone my girlfriend was going to say yes to my marriage proposal but sadly, I'm eating my words.
  • You're going to eat your words when you lose all of your money with that investment. 
  • I never thought my son would get into an Ivy League college but I I was happy to eat my words.
  • I predicted we would win the case but boy did I eat my words.
  • The weatherman predicted sunny weather all weekend but ate his words—it's practically hurricane weather.
  • I want someone to double check the statistics. I don’t want to have to eat my words after this presentation.
  • My supervisor is a great guy. He doesn’t mind eating his words when he’s wrong.
  • I think your roommate stole your money but if she didn’t, I’ll be happy to eat my words.


  • swallow one's words
  • eat crow

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