Idiom:  every now and then


Idiom:  (every) now and then

  • sometimes, but not regularly or often

Example sentences

  • Every now and then, Apple offers discounts but normally their prices are set and don’t change.
  • Now and then I like to have a nice glass of wine but usually I don’t drink alcohol.
  • Every now and then I walk to work when the weather is nice.
  • Try to visit your parents now and then while they're still healthy.
  • Yes, we see the Johnson's now and then for drinks or a movie.
  • Now and then my son brings over fresh crabs and we have a feast.
  • Every now and then you can see a black bear in our woods. They come from West Virginia.
  • Even though I'm 35, I still have acne breakouts every now and then.
  • Now and then we like to take a walk by the lake after dinner.
  • Now and then our grandson comes to visit but not often enough.


  • every so often
  • from time to time
  • once in a while
  • ever so often

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