Idiom:  fat chance


Idiom:  fat chance

  • having little or no possibility of happening

Example sentences

  • Fat chance I’m going out tonight because I have to work late.
  • She gave me her phone number but fat chance I'll call her.
  • My sister said fat chance I'll become a professional basketball player and I'm going to remember that when I become Most Valuable Player.
  • "Could you lend me $2,000 by any chance?" "Are you kidding me? Fat chance."
  • Fat chance I'll finish my paper by tomorrow morning so I may as well go to sleep.
  • Our supervisor wanted us to fulfill 200 orders today but fat chance we'll be able to do that since two people called in sick.
  • I'm sorry to be blunt but fat chance you'll get into that university with your grades. I recommend you apply to a state school or a junior college.
  • Look at this traffic! Fat chance we're going to make our flight this evening.


  • slim chance
  • remote possibility
  • outside chance

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