Idiom:  fighting chance


Idiom:  fighting chance

  • a small but real possibility of success with real effort
  • a small but real possibility that something can be done after a hard struggle

Example sentences

  • Without chemotherapy she won’t have a fighting chance of surviving breast cancer.
  • If we don't finish painting this evening there isn't a fighting chance of completing the renovation on time.
  • As long as there's a fighting chance, I'm going to apply for the project manager position.
  • You better leave now if you want to have a fighting chance of making your 5:30 pm flight.
  • Our quarterback just got injured and without him we don't have a fighting chance of winning the game.
  • My ex-girlfriend's father hated me before I even met him—-no matter what I did, I never had a fighting chance because I'm not Indian.
  • The paramedics did CPR on the accident victim for more than an hour so there's a fighting chance he'll survive.
  • We've hired a tutor for our son so he'll have a fighting chance of passing math this year.


  • outside chance

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