Idiom:  for that matter


Idiom:  for that matter

  • besides, in addition
  • used to emphasize something else is also true

Example sentences

  • If you don’t like school, then why are you enrolling in college and taking out student loans for that matter?
  • I’ve decided to give up drinking coffee, and tea for that matter.
  • For that matter, we've already explained why you were not supposed to go out last night.
  • For that matter, we'll have to hire someone to clean up after the event. I'm not doing it all by myself again.
  • She hates peas, or any vegetables for that matter.
  • To be honest, I haven't been interviewing or getting any interest in my CV for that matter.
  • We should pack our lunch tonight and our breakfast for that matter since we have to leave so early tomorrow. 
  • You didn't finish your report or start it for that matter and you want me to give you an extension?


  • if truth be told / known
  • in all honesty
  • in truth
  • plain and simply
  • to put it bluntly

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