Idiom:  get lost


Idiom:  get lost (slang)

  • used to tell someone to go away

Example sentences

  • I wanted to play with my brother but he told me to get lost.
  • Get lost  and don't ever call me again! I saw you kissing that girl last night.
  • I wish that guy would get lost. I've already told him twice that I don't want to dance with him.
  • We just offered to buy those girls a round a drinks but they told us to get lost.
  • I can't believe my ex-girlfriend just called me. I told her to get lost.
  • Were you just talking to your ex-boyfriend? You promised us you tell him to get lost if he ever contacted you again.
  • Sarah and I used to be best friends until she got popular and told me to get lost.
  • I'm really sorry that I told you to get lost before. I was having a bad day and I shouldn't have spoken to you that way.


  • go away
  • take a hike
  • hit the road

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