Idiom:  get off someone’s case


Idiom:  get off someone’s case

  •  to stop criticizing or bothering someone

Example sentences

  • Your dad will get off your case when you finish your homework.
  • Our coach won't get off your case until you start stretching after practice. 
  • Get off my case. I already told you I would mow the lawn after the game is over.
  • Does your girlfriend ever get off your case? She's always nagging you about something.
  • My parents won't get off my case about what I wear when I go out and it's so annoying.
  • Looking back, I'm really glad my mom wouldn't get off my case about studying and getting good grades or I never would've gone to nursing school.
  • If you want me to get off your case, then do what I ask you to do the first time.
  • Our client won't get off our case about next month fundraiser. Have you confirmed the entertainment for the event so I can update them?


  • leave someone alone

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