Idiom:  get through to someone


Idiom:  get through to someone

  1. to connect a call and speak to someone on the phone  
  2. to make someone understand you

Example sentences

  • I keep trying to get through to the airlines but the number is busy. We have to re-book these tickets by tomorrow.
  • After the hurricane, we couldn't get through to my parents for 48 hours because the power was cut.
  • I can't get through to this number. Do I need an access code to make an international call?
  • Please keep trying to get through to our client—we need to get their payment this week in order to start the project.
  • Perhaps one of her friends can get through to her about her drinking.
  • Let's hire a media consultant.  We're doing an awful job at getting our message through to young consumers.
  • I have no idea how to get through to my teenage daughter—she refuses to really listen to what we're telling her.
  • The government is trying to get through to kids that e-cigarettes and vaping is just as bad as smoking cigarettes.


  • get across
  • make an impression
  • strike a chord

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