Idiom:  give up something


Idiom:  give up something (give something up)

  • to stop doing or having something

Example sentences

  • After I got pregnant I had to immediately give up smoking.
  • I had to give up drinking five cups of coffee a day because of heartburn.  Now I drink herbal tea in the morning. 
  • What are you giving up for Lent this year?
  • I used to love going out drinking on Thursday nights but I had to give that up after I started working full-time.
  • I would really like to give up eating meat but I don't know many vegetarian recipes and I hate to cook.
  • I gave up calling you to go out because you are always busy or too tired to do anything.
  • My husband's doctor said he needs to give up spinach, red meat, alcohol, and sugary foods so we're going to have to completely change our meals.
  • I had to give up my dream of running a marathon because my knees just can't handle that amount of mileage.


  • do without
  • abstain from
  • refrain from

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