Idiom:  go easy


Idiom:  go easy on someone / something

  1. be gentle and mild with someone (e.g., don't punish them too much or criticize them harshly)
  2. don't take or use too much of something

Example sentences

  • My daughter is starting her first job tomorrow and I hope they will go easy on her.
  • Please go easy on the new accountant so she won't quit after the first week.
  • Please go easy on Michelle. Even though she stole the money, she admitted she did it and has already started paying us back.
  • I'm relieved my professor went easy on me when I explained why my paper was late.
  • I asked the masseuse to go easy on me but he still applied too much pressure and now my muscles are really sore.
  • The judge went easy on my client and only gave her probation since it was her first offense.
  • The bar tender needs to tell that group to go easy on the tequila shots—they're getting out of control over there.
  • I wish I had gone easy on the buffalo wings last night. I ate so many and they were so greasy that my stomach is really upset right now.
  • Go easy on the salsa! It has a lot of red onions and that's a problem for your heartburn.
  • The doctor told me to go easy on salt because I've got pre-hypertension.

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