Idiom:  go for something


Idiom:  go for something

  1. try to obtain or achieve something
  2. to choose or select something

Example sentences

  • There's a new position in our department and I'm definitely going for it.
  • I told my parents that I wanted to pursue a modeling career and I was really surprised when they both told me to go for it.
  • If you're going to get a new car you may as well go for a BMW or Lexus.
  • Last night we went for it and purchased 25 raffle tickets so I really hope we win the car. If not, at least we're supporting a great charity.
  • I really shouldn't do this but I'll go for the hot fudge sundae for dessert.
  • My boyfriend is 6 ft 3 so we went for the center orchestra seats at the theater. Although they were more expensive, they weren't as cramped as the mezzanine seats.
  • What are you having? I think I'll go for one of these salads—they look delicious. 
  • If I were you I would go for the black dress because it's more slimming.
  • I'll go for the economy seats since it's such a short flight.


  • say yes
  • indulge in
  • have at
  • have a go at
  • throw oneself into

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