Idiom:  (go / move) into overdrive


Idiom:  (go / move) into overdrive [also: in overdrive]

  • to try or work extra hard or at maximum capacity

Example sentences

  • As we get close to the conference everyone has moved into overdrive.
  • I don’t even remember the last week of finals—I went into overdrive and wrote two papers and took four exams.
  • You can't expect your employees to work in overdrive all the time.
  • Press this button here and accelerate to put the car into overdrive.
  • Production is now in overdrive so unfortunately, we cannot accept any more orders.
  • We're all tapering of our workouts so we can go into overdrive at nationals next week.
  • The copier broke down because it had been in overdrive for too long.
  • You can actually hear that the system has gone into overdrive now so we'll have to turn it off within the hour.


  • bust a gut
  • bust your ass/butt (slang)
  • do something for all your worth
  • do your utmost
  • give one hundred percent

  • go all out
  • got the extra mile
  • go to the ends of the earth
  • jump through hoops
  • pull  out all the stops
  • spare no effort

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