Idiom:  hammer something home


Idiom:  hammer something home (hammer home something)

  • to repeat an idea or opinion to make it persuasive and understood

Example sentences

  • My colleague mentioned his Ivy League education all day to try to hammer home his superior intelligence.
  • I have to hammer home the need to be vigilant about personal safety to the tourists who travel with me in the Middle East.
  • While I was growing up, my parents always hammered home good manners like saying "please" and "thank you." 
  • Advertising is so effective because it continuously hammers the same message home again and again.
  • In his address, the UN Secretary General hammered home the importance of acting radically to reduce carbon emissions, even faster than what members agreed to previously.
  • The president continues to hammer home his platform to "Make America Great Again" at rallies almost every week even, years after he won the election.


  • point out
  • spell out

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