Idiom:  hang in there


Idiom:  hang in there

  • to continue to do something despite difficulties
  • used to encourage someone to persist or stay calm in a difficult situation

Example sentences

  • Hang in there—it usually takes six months to find a good job.
  • Running the last five miles of the marathon was excruciating but I hung in there and finished the race.
  • We know you're worried, but hang in there—the police will find out who did this.
  • Hang in there—the stock market will recover in time.
  • I'm tired of hanging in there. If I don't get an answer soon I'm going to call again.
  • Most people who don't succeed didn't have the willpower to hang in there when they didn't get fast results.
  • Hang in there. Winter's almost over and warmer weather will be here soon.
  • If you just hang in there a little bit longer, I'm sure you'll get promoted soon.
  • I wish I had just hung in there awhile longer because everybody who continued working on their blog and website now have really good traffic.
  • "How are you doing these days?" "Ahh, I'm hanging in there. Things are really tough at work."


  • hang tough
  • grin and bear it
  • ride out
  • stick it out
  • tough it out
  • gut it out 
  • put up with

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