Idiom:  in a mad rush


Idiom:  in a mad rush

  • extremely hurried

Example sentences

  • I left my house in a mad rush this morning and forgot my lunch on the kitchen counter.
  • Slow down!  Accidents happen when people are in a mad rush.
  • We saw you at the store last night but you looked like you were in a mad rush so we didn't say hello.
  • The deadline is 5:00 pm so we're in a mad rush to get our proposal submitted in time.
  • I hated being in a mad rush all the time so I started set my clocks, watch and phone 15 minutes ahead of time.
  • Where was Jonathan going in such a mad rush?
  • I'm sorry I can't talk now. I'm in a mad rush to get this check deposited at the bank.
  • My husband is always in a mad rush so I lied and told him our flight leaves two hours earlier.


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