Idiom:  in advance


Idiom:  in advance

  • before something happens

Example sentences

  • In order to attend the event, you must pay all the fees in advance.
  • We need to have your speech in advance so it can be translated into Spanish.
  • We should buy our tickets in advance if we want to get good seats.
  • The author will be signing books in advance of his presentation and a reception will follow afterwards.
  • Since our kids were going to have to change schools, we went to Barcelona a month in advance to help them get familiar with our new home.
  • You'll need to pay the rest of the balance in advance or you will forfeit your reservation and deposit.
  • I hope they will open the theater doors in advance. My uncle uses a wheelchair and it takes us awhile to get settled.
  • We prefer to see the hotel in advance, so would it be possible for us to come by tomorrow afternoon to see what the one-bedroom and junior suites are like?
  • If you pay in advance, you'll get a 20% discount on your order. 


  • ahead of time

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