Idiom:  in on something


Idiom:  (get) in on something

  • to participate in doing something with others
  • to join or be a part of something that is being planned or discussed

Example sentences

  • Who is in on the planning for the holiday party?
  • Everyone in the neighborhood is in on cleaning up the park this weekend.
  •  The lotto is up to $500 million. Do you want to get in on our group ticket purchase?

  • Are you in on the softball league this year?

  • The police found out some of the guards were in on smuggling drugs into the jail.

  • Do you want to get in on the group baby shower gift or are you planning to buy something yourself?

  • If you don't have enough parent volunteers, ask Jerry. He's always eager to get in on school field trips.

  • "Are we in on the basketball game Saturday night?" "Yes, I asked Sheila to get us tickets and she said Brian will drive all of us there in his van."

  • Unfortunately, my father got in on some "investments" which a "friend" recommended and he lost half of his retirement savings.


  • take part (in something)

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