Idiom:  in short order


Idiom:  in short order

  • very fast

Example sentences

  • We’ll have your meal ready in short order.
  • I managed to get through security in short order and then relaxed in the executive lounge for two hours.
  • Thanks for your patience. A representative will be with you in short order.
  • He said we'd receive the shipment in short order but it's been four weeks already.
  • I'm sure the formal offer will come in short offer but don't quit your job until you get something in writing.
  • Your room will be ready for check-in in short order. Why don't you enjoy a complimentary drink at the bar in the meantime.
  • My mom received her passport in short order so we're leaving this weekend for Copenhagen.
  • My cousin was pregnant in short order after the wedding, wasn't she?
  • Welcome to the Serene Salon. Please put on a smock and I'll be with you in short order.


  • in a flash
  • in a jiffy
  • in less than no time
  • in not time (at all)
  • in the blink of an eye
  • before you can blink
  • on the double

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