Idiom:  in the vicinity of


Idiom:  in the vicinity of (something)

  • an approximate amount
  • nearly

Example sentences

  • To purchase the home, you’ll need in the vicinity of $50,000 cash as a down payment.
  • It’ll take in the vicinity of five hours to drive to my aunt's house if there's no traffic.
  • The police captain spoke in the vicinity of two minutes about the investigation so we got very few answers.
  • We have in the vicinity of 15 reams of paper left so we need to put in a rush order for office supplies.
  • I think there were in the vicinity of 100 people protesting in front of the governor's mansion this morning.
  • The Weather Channel estimated we'll get in the vicinity of seven or eight inches of snow overnight.
  • We'll be in the vicinity of the city soon so I estimate we will arrive around 7:30 p.m.
  • Complaints dropped significantly—in the vicinity of 60% fewer complaints—after we retrained our sales associates.


  • close to
  • more or less
  • give or take
  • in the neighborhood of
  • in the ballpark
  • roughly speaking
  • upwards of

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