Idiom:  in vain


Idiom:  in vain

  • without success
  • in a way that has no meaning or purpose

Example sentences

  • I rushed to the airport to catch my flight but arrived in vain as the flight was canceled.
  • I tried to please my manager by completing my work ahead of schedule but my efforts were in vain—he didn’t even notice.
  • There was no chance for the mother to rescue her kids from the inferno, so she went into the burning house in vain.
  • Most people want to die knowing their lives weren't lived in vain.
  • If you apply for that job it will be in vain since they've already decided to give the position to Keith.
  • All of our Facebook ad campaigns have been in vain, so we're going to return to traditional marketing.
  • Our efforts to console my cousin after her rabbit died were in vain and she cried the entire weekend.


  • be of no use
  • to no avail
  • to no effect
  • to no purpose

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