Idiom:  join in


Idiom:  join in

  • to participate in an activity with people who are already doing it

Example sentences

  • Why don’t you join in the discussion we're having?
  • When my assistant complained about the holiday party, everybody joined in and the director was livid.
  • My son said something really naughty and everybody joined in when my husband laughed.
  • This weekend is Carnivale, if you want to join in the fun.
  • I didn't join in the festivities because I wasn't invited.
  • When my daughter started singing happy birthday to her dog, we all joined in and she was so happy.
  • I really didn't want to join in the group present because I'd already purchased a small gift.
  • Those people look like they're having such fun dancing on the stage. I'm going to join in if anyone wants to come with me.


  • get in on (the act)
  • take part (in something)
  • go along for the ride

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