Idiom:  jot something down


Idiom:  jot something down (jot down something)

  • write something quickly

Example sentences

  • Grab a pencil and jot down this number for me.
  • Sure, you can see my notes but I only jotted down a few ideas since I prefer to just listen carefully during lectures.
  • While I was talking to the doctor, he was busy jotting something down which made me feel like he wasn't listening very carefully to me.
  • Don't worry, it's not unusual for a psychiatrist to jot a few notes down during your consultation.
  • I tried to jot down the license plate and description of the car of the person who hit the woman in the cross walk and kept driving away.
  • Could someone please jot some notes down at the meeting for me?
  • My husband jotted down the prices of some love seats and sofas at Ikea so we're going to go together on Saturday to check them out.
  • Could you quickly jot down the directions so we won't get lost driving to the vineyard?


  • write down
  • dash off (something)

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