Idiom:  jump in with both feet


Idiom:  jump in with both feet

  • to start something quickly and enthusiastically, especially without thinking about it first.

Example sentences

  • The wedding will be in two months so let's jump in with both feet and start planning.
  • Our new intern is fantastic. She just jumped in with both feet and immediately started helping customers.
  • My brother is usually so reserved but after having several drinks, he jumped in with both feet and headed to the dance floor when the music started.
  • My friend suggested I try indoor skydiving first but I wanted to jump in with both feet and leap from a plane.
  • I tried to tell my daughter to wait a bit but she jumped in with both feet and got married after knowing her husband for just two months.
  • My youngest daughter isn't timid at all. Whenever she tries something new she just jumps in with both feet.
  • I really should have learned more about Bitcoin before I jumped in with both feet.
  • When lightning struck the tree and we saw three people standing under it collapse to the ground, we jumped in with both feet and start performing CPR until the medics arrived.


  • take the plunge
  • take the bull by the horns
  • bite the bullet


  • test the waters
  • dip one's toes into something

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