Idiom:  jump the gun


Idiom:  jump the gun

  • to act to soon without thinking carefully about something
  • to begin doing something before it's time to start

Example sentences

  • Last year we jumped the gun with our sales promotion so we better find a better date and make sure everyone is ready this year.
  • Be careful not to jump the gun with Jessica. I suggest at least a year-long engagement before you get married.
  • Don't you think buying baby clothes for your grandchild is jumping the gun since your daughter isn't pregnant yet?
  • I wish I hadn't jumped the gun and resigned before I found another job.
  • Don't jump the gun and worry about advanced marketing techniques when you still haven't developed your first product.
  • You've only applied to Harvard Law Schooldon't jump the gun and sign an apartment lease until you're accepted.
  • Unfortunately, I jumped the gun and hammered in this panel but I needed to put the shelf in first so now I've got to take the entire cabinet apart.
  • I jumped the gun and started running before my ankle fully healed so I injured it further and the doctor had to put my foot in a cast for the next three months.


  • rush into (doing) something

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