Idiom:  keep at something


Idiom:  keep at something

  • to persist or continue doing something
  • to continue to do something even though it's difficult or you want to stop

Example sentences

  • If you keep at practicing the guitar every evening, you're going to play very well at the end of the year.
  • Stop bothering me! If you keep at it I'm going to be very angry.
  • Come on! Keep at it! You're almost there.
  • My son kept at practicing basket ball drills all summer and made the team last week.
  • One of my best qualities is that I'm persistent and willing to keep at whatever I decide to do until I accomplish it.
  • Well, we'll just have to keep at it until we find a way to succeed.
  • For now, I'm going to keep at my current weight-loss plan but I will get a personal trainer if I start to plateau.
  • Just keep at it! You've already painted half of the house and it looks great.
  • My wife already stopped doing yoga. She can't keep at anything.
  • If you really want to learn French you'll need to keep at it after your semester abroad.
  • Stop fighting. If you keep at it, I'm going to send both of you to the principal's office.


  • push on
  • forge ahead
  • keep on truckin'
  • press on/ahead
  • carry on
  • stay the course
  • go the distance
  • stick to
  • soldier on
  • see through

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