Idiom:  keep someone down


Idiom:  keep someone down

  • to discourage someone or prevent them from doing something

Example sentences

  • No one can keep you down if you are determined to do something.
  • Sadly, it's common that when people start to lose weight, some of their closest friends and family will try to keep them down by giving them sweets and fatty foods.
  • When I started dating someone my roommate tried to keep me down because she was jealous.
  • Don't less these losses keep you down. Keep working on your fitness and mindset and you'll start winning matches again.
  • I can't wait to leave this small down. Everyone wants to keep me down since they're not achieving anything themselves.
  • Most people's limiting beliefs keep them down.
  • Before I got a nose job my looks were keeping me down in my modeling career.
  • Your criticism cannot keep me down. I'm going to be a pop singer one day.


  • stand between
  • stand in someone's path/way
  • spoil someone's chances
  • come between

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