Idiom:  keep something down


Idiom:  keep something down (keep down something)

  1. to eat or drink something and not vomit afterwards even though you feel nauseous
  2. to stop something from increasing

Example sentences

  • When I was very sick it was difficult for me to keep any food down and I lost a lot of weight.
  • The first three months of my pregnancy I couldn’t keep anything down and threw up all day long.
  • When my husband cooked an Indian recipe it was so spicy I couldn't keep it down.
  • My daughter has bulimia so now she can hardly keep food down even when she wants to.
  • The government is trying to keep inflation down but it’s not working.
  • Excuse me, if you cannot keep your voices down you’ll have to leave the library.
  • Keep the heating down a little lower or your electric bill is going to be enormous.
  • Our new customer service policy has really kept complaints down the past few months.
  • I've had to do intermittent fasting to keep my weight down this summer.
  • Keep your credit card balances down if you're planning on buying a house soon.


  • turn down
  • but a damper on
  • pipe down
  • quiet down

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