Idiom:  keep to something


Idiom:  keep to something

  • to continue to do something (often something you said you would do)
  • to follow or obey a rule, agreement or instruction

Example sentences

  • How can you keep to a low calorie diet during the holidays? I always wait until after New Year’s to diet.
  • I hope you will keep to your studies this evening after we leave.
  • This time I'm going to keep to my plan to meditate each morning for 15 minutes.
  • You should keep to the right for another two miles.
  • I'm going to keep to two cups of coffee a day as my doctor suggested.
  • My parents and I fight a lot less now that I keep to doing my homework right after school.
  • Keep to posting good videos on YouTube and eventually you'll get discovered.
  • I wish I could keep to studying English each day but I'm so lazy.
  • For the last month I've kept to my morning schedule of waking up early but I just couldn't do it today.


  • follow something to the letter
  • adhere to

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