Idiom:  keep your nose clean


Idiom:  keep your nose clean

  • to behave well and not break any rules.

Example sentences

  • Try to keep your nose clean tonight when you go out.
  • When I was younger I always wanted to fight, but I’ve kept my nose clean since I started high school.
  • We really hope our son keeps his nose clean when he goes to college next month.
  • If I had kept my nose clean, I'd probably be a manager at Apple but now I can't even enter their stores.
  • My daughter can't seem to keep her nose clean so we're making her see a psychiatrist.
  • I promised my parents I'd keep my nose clean so I had to make new friends.
  • Is the new intern keeping her nose clean? The last one caused a lot of problems.
  • I could never keep my nose clean so my parents sent me to military school.
  • The principal just called and said you're suspended. Why can't you keep your nose clean?


  • be on your best behavior
  • follow the rules

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