Idiom:  kick something around


Idiom:  kick something around (kick around something)

  • to discuss something in an informal way

Example sentences

  • We’re going to have an informal meeting this afternoon and just kick around ideas for the summer picnic.
  • We didn’t make any decisions yet; we need to kick a few more ideas around first.
  • Can we meet for coffee tomorrow to kick some plans around for the fundraiser?
  • "Was your daughter serious about wearing that newspaper dress to her prom?" "No, I think she was just kicking around some options."
  • Our team kicked around some great proposals this morning and my assistant will forward the meeting notes to you this afternoon.
  • Let's bring in a consultant. We've tried to kick different ideas around but we need a fresh perspective from a professional.
  • As usual, we kicked around different topics for the next conference and they selected mine but didn't acknowledge I suggested it.
  • That's a good option but let's kick around some other ideas this afternoon.
  • The group kicked some dates around and it looks like we'll convene the meeting some time at the end of May.
  • I was shocked by the figures the marketing team kicked around. We don't have the budget for a fancy holiday party.


  • bounce around
  • brainstorm
  • knock around
  • toss around

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